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Dostavno vozilo prekucnik Iveco Daily 50C18 3.0 Kipper 2.5T/M Kraan Kraanwagen Tipper Benne A/C Towbar Cruise control

dostavno vozilo prekucnik Iveco Daily 50C18 3.0 Kipper 2.5T/M Kraan Kraanwagen Tipper Benne A/C Towbar Cruise control

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Glavni podatki
ModelDaily 50C18 3.0 Kipper 2.5T/M Kraan Kraanwagen Tipper Benne A/C Towbar Cruise control
Leto proizvodnje2018
Prevoženi kilometri20760 km
Datum prve registracije28.09.2018
Neto teža3063 kg
Bruto teža5200 kg
Koristni tovor2137 kg
Dolžina7200 mm
Širina2220 mm
Emisijski razredEuro 6
Delovna prostornina2998 cc
Cilindri motorja4
Izhodna moč180 hp
MenjalnikSchaltgetriebe, 6-Gang
Število osi2-osni
Medosna razdalja4100 mm
Sprednje pnevmatike195/75 R16, Links außen: 6.0 mm, Rechts außen: 9.0 mm
Zadnje pnevmatike195/75 R16, Links außen: 7.0 mm, Rechts außen: 5.0 mm
Priklopna sklopka
Dolžina nakladanja3980 mm
Širina nakladanja2110 mm
Višina nakladanja400 mm
Škatla za orodje
Zadnji prekucnik
Model kabineEnkel
Električni pomik oken
Centralno zaklepanje
Servo volan
Število sedežev3
Navigacijski sistem
Paletno dvigalo
Paletno dvigaloKran: Amco Veba V103 3S, Baujahr 2018, hinter der Kabine


More options and accessories Characteristics* Chassis height: 59 (The height of the chassis of this vehicle) Crane* Lift capacity crane: 3300 The lift capacity of a crane is the maximum weight a crane can handle. * Front outriggers With front outriggers a crane is less likely to tip over because it's total ground surface is more larger. * Hydraulically extendable The crane is able to extend hydraulically, increasing its reach. Engine* AdBlue AdBlue is the name used internationally for an additive developed for the chemical and motoring sectors. It's an extremely high purity, 32.5% aqueous solution of urea (minimum 31.8% - maximum 33.3%) that transforms nitrogen oxides into nitrogen (N2) and water vapour (H2O) by means of chemical reduction. Interior* Arnrest An armrest is a comfort option which allows the driver to rest his arm on the center console. * Climate control Climate control is a method of providing vehicles with cool dry air where the user can set a temperature, and the vehicle will automatically adjust the cooling and heating properties. * Electric mirror control With electric mirror control the mirrors are controlled electrically, and often also heated. Preventing them from fogging up. * Multifunction steering wheel A multifunction steering wheel has buttons for the navigation and infotainment on it, enabling the driver to change the channel or route without having to take their hands off the wheel. * Rear view camera A backup camera (also called a reversing camera or rear-view camera) is a special type of video camera that is produced specifically for the purpose of being attached to the rear of a vehicle to aid in backing up, and to alleviate the rear blind spot. It is specifically designed to avoid a backup collision. The area directly behind vehicles has been described as a "killing zone" due to the associated carnage. Backup cameras are usually connected to the vehicle head unit display. * Tachograph: digital A tachograph is a device fitted to a vehicle that automatically records its speed and distance, together with the driver's activity selected from a choice of modes. The drive mode is activated automatically when the vehicle is in motion, and modern tachograph heads usually default to the other work mode upon coming to rest. The rest and availability modes can be manually selected by the driver whilst stationary. * Touchscreen The screen of the infotainment system is touch sensitive. * USB With an USB connection it's possible to connect your phone or media device to the vehicle. * Air-suspended seat With an air-suspended seat the driver enjoys more comfort as the seat is not fixed directly to the cabin, with the air suspension in between bumps of the road are not direclty transferred to the driver. Lighting* Headlight type: halogen (The headlight type of this vehicle) Safety Systems* Lane departure warning A lane departure warning system is a mechanism designed to warn the driver when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane (unless a turn signal is on in that direction) on freeways and arterial roads. These systems are designed to minimize accidents by addressing the main causes of collisions: driver error, distractions and drowsiness. * Number of airbags: 1 The number of airbags the vehicle is equipped with. Superstructure* Tipperunit The vehicle is equipped with a tipping unit, enabling the raising and lowering of the cargo hold. With this it's possible to dump the load. * Floor Material (The material of the floor.) * Material: steel (The material of the superstructure.) * Security rings Security rings to use to safely secure the payload. More information Max. towing weight: 3.500 kg VAT/margin: VAT deductible Registration number: 0070156380 Dealer information We recommend you to take a look at this vehicle on our Trusted Trade Platform. There, you’ll find: - A detailed HD inspection video - 360-degree pictures - Complete and checked specifications Next to our online platform, you can also pay us a visit at our BAS World Store in Veghel, the Netherlands. We have over 1500 vehicles in stock from different brands, types, ages, and mileages. Our sales price is based on a full payment within five working days. BAS World is your way to go to sell or buy your new and used vehicles worldwide safely, easily, and with the ultimate level of trust. Our Trusted Trade Platform includes: - Guaranteed and verified specifications with Checked Specifications - Trusted delivery and guaranteed payment with Safe Deal - Our Logistics & Documents Service to easily and quickly arrange the worldwide transportation of your vehicle. - An excellent customer service. As we speak 13 languages, there’s always someone that speaks your language. In collaboration with BAS Tyres and BAS Parts, we can also offer you an extensive stock of tyres and parts. Want to know more about all our services? Visit our website on

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